Technical programme of BBC 2017

Detailed programme of ICCS 2017

First session 9:00 – 10:40 on 14th June 2017

Room: HG D 1.2

Riccardo Dondi, Giancarlo Mauri and Italo Zoppis, Orthology Correction for Gene Tree Reconstruction: Theoretical and Experimental Results
Stefano Beretta, Carlo Maj and Ivan Merelli, Rank miRNA: a web tool for identifying polymorphisms altering miRNA target sites
Narayan Behera, Jeevitesh M.S., Justin Jose, Krishna Kant, Alpana Dey and Javed Mazher, Higher accuracy protein multiple sequence alignments by genetic algorithm
Milko Krachunov, Maria Nisheva and Dimitar Vassilev, Machine learning models in error and variant detection in high-variation high-throughput sequencing datasets
Marianna Milano, Pietro Hiram Guzzi and Mario Cannataro, Using Multi Network Alignment for Analysis of Connectomes

Second session 13:25 – 15:05 on 14th June 2017

Room: HG D 1.2

Daniel L. Fernandes, Rodrigo Siqueira-Batista, Andréia P. Gomes, Camila R. Souza, Israel T. Da Costa, Felippe Da S. L. Cardoso, João V. De Assis, Gustavo H. L. Caetano and Fabio R. Cerqueira, Investigation of the visual attention role in clinical bioethics decision-making using machine learning algorithms
Pawel Tarnowski, Marcin Kolodziej, Remigiusz Rak and Andrzej Majkowski, Emotion recognition using facial expressions
Ferran Borreguero Torro, J Damian Segrelles Quilis, Ignacio Blanquer Espert, Angel Alberich Bayarri and Luis Martí Bonmatí, Accelerating the Diffusion-Weighted Imaging Biomarker in the clinical practice: Comparative study
Mónica Chillarón, Vicente Vidal, J. Damià Segrelles Quilis, Ignacio Blanquer and Gumersindo Verdú Martín, Combining Grid Computing and Docker Containers for the Study and Parametrization of CT Image Reconstruction Methods
Patrizia Vizza, Domenico Mirarchi, Giuseppe Tradigo, Maria Redavide, Roberto Bruno Bossio and Pierangelo Veltri, Vocal signal analysis in patients affected by Multiple Sclerosis